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WAGNER, R.: Global Wagner - From Bayreuth to the World (Documentary, 2021)

Composer: Wagner, Richard
Global Wagner - From Bayreuth to the World
Domingo, Placido
Beczala, Piotr
Ross, Alex
Wagner, Katharina
Harteros, Anja
Kosky, Barrie
Conductor: Thielemann, Christian
Conductor: Gergiev, Valery
Television Director: Bruggemann, Axel

Narrator: Kosky, Barrie
Narrator: Wagner, Katharina
Soprano: Harteros, Anja
Tenor: Beczala, Piotr
Tenor: Domingo, Placido
Violin: Ross, Alex

Year of Production: 2021
Playing Time: 01:37:37
Catalogue Number: 2.110708
UPC: 747313570850

Global Wagner - From Bayreuth to the World is not a biography of Richard Wagner, nor is it a musicological analysis of his work. This is a documentary dedicated solely to the world's fascination with the man, and an exploration of the question as to how such massive hype and world-wide cult following developed around this highly controversial artist. The program is a revealing feature-length study of life with Wagner's legacy from one Bayreuth Festival to the next, and we travel the world to meet devoted Wagnerians and those most intimately involved in commenting on and producing his work today.

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